1. I’ve never wanted anyone to succeed at anything…more than I want Johnny Manziel to succeed in the NFL. I cannot explain this. I teared up at the pics of him getting his Aggie ring and now LOOK AT HIM SING THE WAR HYMN HE’S SO HAPPY I JUST WANT HIM TO BE HAPPY

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    Conor O’Brien world party 2014, Set✨

    I have no words…..

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    An old set of taxidermied boxing squirrels was found in the back of a closet at a Goodyear Tires headquarters. Their value was estimated at $300, but they sold at an auction for $70,000. Source

    Ah wahnt that

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    "When Kids Start Playing To Win" via Cory Turner

    "It’s a playful word that’s developed something of a bad reputation: ‘competition.’ The fear among some parents is that, once children start playing to win, at around 5 years old, losing isn’t just hard. It’s devastating."

    Image: Sarah Tilotta/NPR

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  5. Uuuuuugggggghhhhh that last verse though

    I feel like all three of them are really on their game musically right now. With the success of Bleachers, Andrew’s “Faking It” compositions, and Nate’s vocals as strong as ever on this and “Harsh Lights”… I’m beyond amped to see what ends up on the next album.

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    We’re heading into the last month of summer, so we thought we would celebrate it in style and giveaway one of our new *not yet released* Irish Dance jackets! Two second place winners will also win an Irish Pride tumbler to help keep you refreshed while this heat dies out!

    All you have to do is:

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    *Contest will run from Monday Jul 28th - Sunday Aug 3rd; winner will be randomly selected and announced on Irish Pride’s tumblr on Monday Aug. 4th (so make sure that you are following us!)*

                                                Good Luck!

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    Elevation Design

    There was this period where I couldn’t stand 90% of the dresses coming from elevations, and all of a sudden I like them all again and it makes me happy :)

    Love this girl! Gorgeous inside and out, and such a hard worker!

    Oh hey girl hey😉

  8. Got to see the DCI Drums of Summer show last night. Made me nostalgic for high school and pumped up for football. They were all very good. My friend laughed at intermission because “They usually ARE the intermission.” Thought that was pretty funny.

  9. Slip jig action shots!
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  10. Treble Jig action shots!
    Credit to Shamrock Photography