1. npr:

    "When Kids Start Playing To Win" via Cory Turner

    "It’s a playful word that’s developed something of a bad reputation: ‘competition.’ The fear among some parents is that, once children start playing to win, at around 5 years old, losing isn’t just hard. It’s devastating."

    Image: Sarah Tilotta/NPR

    Bless this article.


  2. Uuuuuugggggghhhhh that last verse though

    I feel like all three of them are really on their game musically right now. With the success of Bleachers, Andrew’s “Faking It” compositions, and Nate’s vocals as strong as ever on this and “Harsh Lights”… I’m beyond amped to see what ends up on the next album.

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    We’re heading into the last month of summer, so we thought we would celebrate it in style and giveaway one of our new *not yet released* Irish Dance jackets! Two second place winners will also win an Irish Pride tumbler to help keep you refreshed while this heat dies out!

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                                                Good Luck!

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    Elevation Design

    There was this period where I couldn’t stand 90% of the dresses coming from elevations, and all of a sudden I like them all again and it makes me happy :)

    Love this girl! Gorgeous inside and out, and such a hard worker!

    Oh hey girl hey😉

  5. Got to see the DCI Drums of Summer show last night. Made me nostalgic for high school and pumped up for football. They were all very good. My friend laughed at intermission because “They usually ARE the intermission.” Thought that was pretty funny.

  6. Slip jig action shots!
    Credit to Shamrock Photography

  7. Treble Jig action shots!
    Credit to Shamrock Photography

  8. nbcparksandrec:

    Let freedom ring.

  9. soupsoup:

    A mechanical exoskeleton to help paraplegics walk has been cleared for marketing in the US.

    This is oh-so-important. Paraplegics have a concrete way to start walking again, other than “idk keep trying??” THIS IS MEDICAL AND THERAPEUTIC RESEARCH IN ACTION. Also, they basically made a real life Iron Man suit, for you superhero nerds.

    I was reading on APTA that they even showcased this technology by having a paralyzed boy from a Brazilian favela make the ceremonial first kick of the World Cup while wearing one of these suits. Like can you imagine how BEYOND happy that kid must have been??? Grows up paralyzed in the slums, gets to make the first kick of the WORLD CUP in his home country while wearing essentially a ROBOT SUIT.

    Why isn’t this getting loads more press. I’ve been telling everyone I know about this for a week now.


  10. A Triumphant Return

    Today was our last day of intensive Nationals prep. I leave for Montreal in 6 days, compete in 7. From here on out, it’s just drilling problem areas, focusing on stage presence, and getting into competition mentality. We’ve put in the work, now all that’s left is to show it off.

    I honestly don’t think I’ve ever worked harder for a competition than I have in the past month. There were so many times I wanted to quit, when I felt like I mentally and physically couldn’t take it anymore. I had a breakdown in class on Tuesday and had to go into the back room and cry for about 10 minutes. The past month has been quite a journey, with studio rehearsal three times a week, trying to get in at least an hour of practice on off days, and cross training, while simultaneously balancing two jobs and a summer class.

    But we made it. Mostly in one piece. My foot (yes, THAT foot) has been acting up the last week, but it helps to remind myself that I shouldn’t even have made it this far, and that each rehearsal is truly a blessing. Shattered sesamoids don’t usually preface a world qualification, but I’m trying my hardest to make it happen.

    It may not happen next week, but I do think I’ve got a shot at the recall. Which, again, is a place that I never could have imagined being in even a year ago. My first time at Nationals in 2012 I got 75th out of 82 and I thought I was lucky to even have done that much. But I’ve improved so much since then, and I think switching schools has had a lot to do with that. My TCRG here in Tulsa is one of the most caring, motivational, and aggressive teachers I’ve ever have. Actually, most aggressive for sure. Smaller class sizes make for lots more stamina drills! But she’s so great about forcing us to push ourselves with just the right combination of yelling and cheering. Honestly I feel like I’ve never been in better shape.

    And have I mentioned how much I love my steps that I’m doing? There’s so much pointe work and my toes have the skin (or lack thereof) to prove it, and the rhythms are so nice and they all travel so well which is great for a tall dancer and all I want is to do them justice…

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m just happy to have made it this far, to still be able to do something (WELL, even!) that gives me so much inner joy. I’m dancing the best I ever have. If (when?) I recall, I’m gonna cry so hard. Doing my third round, I don’t imagine there will ever have been a bigger smile on my face.

    But the journey isn’t over yet—still have to fight through my first two rounds for that spot. Nothing is promised in Irish dancing. You can only give yourself the best chance possible through hard work in the weeks and months leading up to the Day. And I think I’ve done that. We shall see.

    I love Irish dancing.